Drennan Pole Float Silicone


  • Black and clear pole float silicone
  • Each packet contains approximately enough silicone for fifty rigs
  • Black with carbon stems and the clear for wire stems
  • Ex Fine – 0.4mm x 1.1mm
  • Fine – 0.5mm x 1.3mm
  • Medium – 0.7mm x 1.4mm
  • Large – 0.9mm x 1.6mm


The Drennan Silicone Pole Float Tubing is a versatile and essential accessory for anglers using pole floats. Designed with quality and convenience in mind, this tubing offers a range of features to enhance your fishing experience.
Available in black and clear variants, the silicone tubing is suitable for various fishing applications. Each packet contains approximately enough silicone to rig up to fifty rigs, ensuring you have an ample supply for your fishing sessions.
The black silicone tubing is specifically designed for use with carbon stems, providing a secure and reliable connection between the float and the rig. On the other hand, the clear silicone tubing is ideal for wire stems, offering excellent visibility and flexibility.
The Drennan Silicone Pole Float Tubing is available in different sizes to cater to your specific needs. The options include:
Ex Fine: Measuring 0.4mm in diameter and 1.1mm in length, this silicone tubing is suitable for delicate and sensitive fishing situations.
Fine: With a diameter of 0.5mm and a length of 1.3mm, this tubing strikes a balance between strength and sensitivity, making it versatile for a range of fishing conditions.
Medium: Measuring 0.7mm in diameter and 1.4mm in length, this silicone tubing offers increased strength and durability, making it suitable for more demanding fishing scenarios.
Large: With a diameter of 0.9mm and a length of 1.6mm, this tubing provides maximum strength and resilience, making it ideal for tackling larger and more powerful fish.
Choose the appropriate size of Drennan Silicone Pole Float Tubing based on your fishing requirements and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient connection between your pole float and rig. Upgrade your fishing gear with this high-quality silicone tubing and experience improved performance and control on the water.

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