Matrix Side Puller Beads


  • Soft moulded beads
  • Protects elastic with side puller
  • Enlarged hole holds knot
  • Easily tension elastic
  • Medium for elastics 4 to 10
  • Large for elastics 12 to 18
  • 10 beads per pack


Introducing the Matrix Side Puller Beads, a valuable addition to your angling arsenal that can make a significant difference in your fishing experience. These soft, TPR-moulded beads have been meticulously crafted with the aim of preserving the integrity of your elastic when utilized in conjunction with a side puller system, guaranteeing that your equipment remains in optimal condition.

One of the standout attributes of these beads is the ingeniously designed enlarged hole, which serves as the ideal housing for your elastic knot. This thoughtful design enables you to effortlessly apply tension to the elastic, streamlining the setup process for your rig and minimizing any associated hassle.

Matrix recognizes that anglers come equipped with varying elastics, and to cater to this diversity, they offer the Side Puller Beads in two size options. The medium-sized beads are tailored to accommodate elastics within the 4 to 10 range, while the larger-sized beads are crafted to complement elastics ranging from 12 to 18. With each purchase, you’ll receive a generous supply of 10 Side Puller Beads, ensuring that you have an ample stock to meet your angling requirements.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler with years of experience or embarking on your angling journey as a newcomer, these Matrix Side Puller Beads are a must-have accessory that can greatly enhance your rig setup and contribute to the longevity of your elastic. By simplifying the process of elastic tensioning and providing crucial protection for your gear, these dependable beads from Matrix are an invaluable asset for anglers of all skill levels.

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