Drennan Plate Carp Bandit


  • Ready to use
  • 6 inch hook lengths
  • Great hooking ability
  • Versatile bait band
  • Stored flat and straight
  • Precise whipping and loops


Drennan Carp Bandit Hook to Nylon 6 Inch is a reliable and efficient solution for carp fishing. These hook lengths feature barbless Carp Hair Rigger hooks with an acute upturned eye, specifically designed to ensure the hook sits straight on the hook link, enhancing presentation and increasing hooking ability.
The included bait band provides versatility in baiting options. It can be easily stretched around pellets or pulled inside drilled pellets and soft baits such as sweetcorn and meat using a bait needle. This flexibility allows anglers to adapt their bait presentation to suit the fishing conditions and preferences.
The Hook Plate System offers convenience and organization. This New Concept design provides a set of 6-inch (15cm) hook lengths, individually tied and stored flat and straight under slight tension. This storage method ensures that the hook lengths remain in optimal condition, free from kinks in the mono, allowing them to present perfectly and perform flawlessly. The precise whipping knots and consistent loops further enhance the reliability and effectiveness of these pole hooks to nylon.
Whether you prefer to use the hook lengths straight from the flat plates or store them in the matching Hook Book or Hook Box, the choice is yours. The design of these hook lengths allows for easy access and storage, making them a convenient and practical choice for anglers.

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Size 14, Size 16, Size 18

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