Drennan Barbless Pellet


  • Perfect for soft pellets
  • Spade end hook
  • Forged
  • Medium shank
  • Wide crystal bend
  • Long needle point
  • 10 per pack


The Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Pellet is a meticulously crafted fishing hook engineered specifically for soft pellet fishing in commercial fisheries. Representing a pinnacle of design, this hook incorporates features that elevate its performance and make it an indispensable tool for anglers seeking success in their pursuits. The spade end design, coupled with the forging process for added strength, exemplifies the attention to detail in crafting a hook that can withstand the challenges posed by formidable fish.

The medium shank and wide crystal bend of the Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Pellet make it an ideal and versatile choice for pellet fishing. Whether you’re targeting carp or other species that are drawn to soft pellet bait, this hook is designed to optimize your chances of a successful catch. The thoughtful engineering of this hook extends to its chemically etched long needle point, a feature that ensures the hook penetrates the fish’s mouth with ease, enhancing the hookset and increasing your chances of securing your catch.

Packaged conveniently in sets of 10, the Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Pellet is a popular choice among anglers who recognize the importance of having a reliable and ample supply of quality hooks. This hook, designed to cater specifically to the needs of those fishing for carp and other soft pellet-eating species, showcases a commitment to providing anglers with a tool that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

With its high-quality design and construction, the Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Pellet stands as a testament to Drennan’s dedication to producing exceptional fishing gear. For any angler seeking to enhance their fishing experience and increase their chances of success on the water, this hook is an excellent and reliable choice that promises to deliver results.

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