Drennan Barbless Carp


  • Very strong forged hook
  • Perfect for larger carp
  • Spade end hook
  • Medium shank
  • Wide crystal bend
  • Chemically etched needle point
  • 10 per pack


The Drennan Barbless Carp hooks emerge as an exceptional and preferred choice for anglers dedicated to the pursuit of carp. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these hooks boast exceptional strength, courtesy of their forged construction, strategically designed to handle the substantial weight and power that carp often exhibit.

The spade end hook features a medium shank and a wide crystal bend, imparting key advantages to anglers seeking optimal hook setting and effective fish retention. This design not only facilitates the setting of the hook but also aids in keeping the fish securely on the line during the crucial moments of the battle. The needle point of these hooks undergoes a precise chemical etching process, ensuring unparalleled penetration and a steadfast hook hold, essential for successfully landing carp.

Conveniently packaged in sets of 10, these barbless hooks offer anglers a practical and plentiful supply for their carp fishing expeditions. The barbless design is particularly noteworthy, as it aligns with the ethical angling practices aimed at minimizing potential harm to the fish, allowing for a catch-and-release approach with reduced impact.

The durability and strength of the Drennan Barbless Wide Gape Carp hooks make them an inevitable favorite among carp anglers who demand reliability and performance in their fishing gear. As a testament to their design, these hooks are poised to become a staple in the tackle boxes of anglers dedicated to the pursuit of carp, offering a robust and effective tool to enhance their chances of success on the water. With the fusion of strength, durability, and thoughtful design, these hooks signify Drennan’s commitment to providing anglers with top-tier equipment tailored for the challenges of carp fishing.

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Size 10, Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18, Size 20, Size 8

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