Daiwa Hybridlastic


  • High endurance solid elastic
  • Great stretch
  • Ideal for mixed fisheries
  • Compatible with puller kits
  • Colours and ratings match Hydro
  • 3m length


Embark on a journey of angling excellence as you delve into the extraordinary features of Daiwa Hybridlastic pole fishing elastic. Crafted with a meticulous focus on durability and performance, this solid elastic stands out for its exceptional stretch factor, ensuring you maintain the upper hand even when faced with challenging situations on the water.

Versatility is at the core of Daiwa Hybridlastic’s design, making it the ideal companion for conquering mixed fisheries with effortless finesse. Whether you’re tackling your fishing goals with puller kits or optimizing your lower diameter top kits, rest assured that Daiwa Hybridlastic consistently delivers dependable and predictable results.

What sets this elastic apart is its adaptability to your preferences and requirements. Available in a spectrum of colors and ratings that seamlessly align with the renowned Hydrolastic series, Daiwa Hybridlastic effortlessly integrates into your existing setup. This means you can fine-tune your rig to perfection, knowing that you have a reliable and compatible elastic at your disposal.

Each package of Daiwa Hybridlastic offers a generous 3-meter length of elastic, providing you with an abundance of material to work with as you fine-tune your rig for your upcoming angling adventure. This ample supply ensures that you can explore different configurations and adapt to various fishing scenarios with ease.

Place your trust in this Daiwa elastic for pole fishing that harmoniously combines endurance, flexibility, and precision into a single, exceptional product. Elevate your angling experience with an elastic that seamlessly delivers results, regardless of the conditions or the species you’re targeting. Daiwa Hybridlastic is your key to unlocking a world of angling possibilities and unparalleled success on the water.

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Yellow 3-5, Pink 4-6, Blue 5-8, White 6-10, Grey 10-14, Black 12-16, Purple 14-18, Red 16-20

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