Thinking Anglers Putty


  • Heavy putty
  • Very pliable
  • Counterbalances pop-ups
  • Mould on line to pin it down


Introducing Thinking Anglers Putty – your ultimate solution for achieving the perfect balance and presentation of your Carp baits. This heavy putty is designed to provide anglers with unmatched versatility, allowing you to fine-tune your setups for optimal performance in various fishing conditions. With its exceptional pliability and thoughtful design, Thinking Anglers Putty is set to become your go-to accessory for securing pop-ups and ensuring your bait is flawlessly presented.

Key features and advantages of Thinking Anglers Putty:

  1. Heavy Putty: Crafted with a premium blend of materials, this putty boasts a heavy composition that enables precise bait placement and counterbalancing. Regardless of the bait’s buoyancy, the putty’s weight ensures it remains securely in place, guaranteeing a natural and enticing presentation.
  2. Exceptional Pliability: This Putty is not just any putty – it’s extremely pliable, allowing you to mold and shape it to suit your specific baiting requirements. This flexibility empowers you to achieve the desired presentation with ease, regardless of the bait’s shape or size.
  3. Optimized Buoyancy: The putty is tailor-made for bottom or buoyant Carp baits, making it an ideal companion for a diverse range of baiting strategies. Whether you’re using pop-ups, balanced baits, or wafters, this putty ensures your baits are effectively pinned down for extended periods, maximizing their attractiveness to curious Carp.
  4. Moulding Capability: A standout feature of Thinking Anglers Putty is its ability to be molded directly onto your line. This means you can easily adjust the positioning and weight distribution of your bait without the need for additional components. This dynamic feature allows for quick adjustments on the fly, enhancing your rig’s effectiveness.
  5. Colour Variety: Available in Grey Green and Brown, Thinking Anglers Putty ensures a seamless blend with various bottom conditions and water colours. This careful selection of colours prevents your setup from standing out unnaturally, ensuring that your presentation remains discreet and irresistible to Carp.

This Putty redefines how you achieve the perfect bait presentation, offering both the weight needed for proper bait placement and the pliability required for versatile applications. With its ability to mold on the line and accommodate different bait types, this putty simplifies your rig adjustments and boosts your chances of enticing Carp to take the bait. Elevate your angling experience with Thinking Anglers Putty – the heavy putty that empowers you to fine-tune your bait presentation and bring more Carp to your net.

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Brown, Green, Grey

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