Sticky Krill Active Pop-Ups


  • 16mm pop-ups
  • Perfectly matches Active boilies
  • Fluffy neutral buoyancy outer coating
  • Can sit perfectly for days
  • Suitable for Chod or Hinge rigs
  • Ideal for Ronnie or Multi rigs
  • 120g pot

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Sticky Krill Active Pop-Ups are the latest addition to our highly acclaimed Active range, and they’re set to take your angling game to new heights. As the demand for innovative products within the Active range has surged, our team embarked on a mission to create the perfect pop-up hookbait that seamlessly complements our Active boilies while delivering the essential buoyancy needed for effective rig performance. After years of dedicated development, we are thrilled to introduce the ultimate Active pop-up!
Krill Active pop-ups are distinguished by their fluffy, lightweight outer coating, which boasts neutral buoyancy. This exceptional feature empowers you to precisely counterbalance your pop-ups before casting them out, ensuring your hookbait maintains its optimal position in the water for extended periods, even if you choose to leave it out for days. When submerged, the outer coating gradually dissolves, creating an enchanting descent to the lakebed. During this process, it envelops your hookbait in an irresistible halo of attraction, perfectly mirroring the appeal of our Krill Active boilies.
Available exclusively in 16mm size, these hookbaits are versatile enough to handle robust presentations like Chod or Hinge rigs while also proving effective on more delicate setups such as the Ronnie or Multi rig. It’s time to elevate your pop-up game and boost your confidence on the water.
Adam Penning, an angling enthusiast like yourself, can attest to the game-changing impact of Active boilies. For him, being able to replicate that success with a pop-up hookbait has been a confidence booster like no other. Confidence is paramount, especially when you’re a pop-up purist, and these Krill Active Pop-Ups are here to provide it in abundance.
Embrace the revolution in pop-up technology and witness the difference that Sticky Krill Active Pop-Ups can make to your angling success. Dive into the world of cutting-edge bait innovation and experience the thrill of fishing with unwavering confidence.

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