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The Sticky Baits Manilla Active Wafters are meticulously crafted to perfectly replicate the success of the Manilla Active Boilies. These wafters are created using a precisely balanced wafter mix, complemented by a specialized and highly soluble Active paste wrap. The coating itself is designed to possess an element of buoyancy, ensuring an impeccable presentation throughout the entire breakdown process.
As the super-soluble coating gradually dissolves, it disperses into a captivating halo of attraction on the lakebed surrounding the wafter at its core. This halo serves as an irresistible invitation, enticing carp to investigate and feed with confidence. The effectiveness of the Manilla Active Wafters is not limited by seasonality; even in the depths of winter, they can effortlessly release their coating, providing consistent appeal and performance all year round.
The Sticky Baits Manilla Active Wafters are specifically engineered to counterbalance the weight of the hook and rig, employing a proven technique to deceive even the most discerning carp. By negating the weight, these wafters create a natural and balanced presentation that increases the likelihood of successfully fooling carp into taking the bait.
Adam Penning, a highly regarded angler, has had the privilege of extensively testing various versions of these exceptional hookbaits during their development. He enthusiastically endorses the Manilla Active Wafters, expressing his belief that they are nothing short of perfection. With the stamp of approval from an angling expert, these wafters are a reliable and valuable addition to any angler’s baiting arsenal.
In summary, the Manilla Active Wafters embody meticulous craftsmanship and innovation. Their replication of the Manilla Active Boilies, combined with their buoyant coating and balanced presentation, make them a highly effective tool for targeting carp. Regardless of the season, these wafters consistently deliver attraction and performance, ensuring anglers can confidently pursue their fishing goals. With the endorsement of Adam Penning, these wafters are undoubtedly a standout choice for anglers seeking perfection on the water.

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16mm, 20mm

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