Sonubaits Bream


  • Golden groundbait perfect for bream, skimmers and hybrids.
  • Mix straight from the bag for use on a feeder or balling in on the pole.
  • High feed content including breadcrumb, ground maize, molasses meal and milled tiger nuts for sweetness.
  • Binds well so it acts as a good carrier for other baits such as sweetcorn, casters and chopped worm.
  • Slow acting dormant mix stays on the bottom.

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This Sonubaits So Natural Bream groundbait is the perfect bait for catching bream, skimmers, and hybrids. It contains a high feed content, which includes breadcrumb, ground maize, molasses meal, and milled tiger nuts, making it incredibly sweet and attractive to fish. The groundbait binds well, which means that it acts as an excellent carrier for other baits, such as sweetcorn, casters, and chopped worm. You can mix the groundbait straight from the bag and use it on a feeder or balling in on the pole. Its slow-acting dormant mix stays on the bottom, making it easier for you to attract fish to your bait. Overall, this golden groundbait is an excellent choice for anglers who want to increase their chances of catching bream, skimmers, and hybrids.

– Mixing Instructions

Mixing Sonubaits So Natural Bream groundbait is quick and easy. Start by emptying the 1kg bag of groundbait into a round mixing bucket. Then, fill a 1-pint maggot tub with water and pour it onto the groundbait. Mix the groundbait thoroughly, and then allow it to rest for 30 minutes so that the water can be absorbed into the groundbait. For the best results, pass the groundbait through a riddle to remove any lumps and create an even consistency. Once you’ve done this, the groundbait is ready to use and can be added to your bait bucket.

When you’re fishing, sun and wind can dry out the groundbait a little. To combat this, you can cover the mixed groundbait with a damp towel to keep it moist. If the groundbait does dry out, simply add a little more water and mix it again to restore its consistency. With So Natural Bream groundbait, you can be sure that you’re using a high-quality bait that’s easy to mix and use, giving you the best chance of catching bream on your next fishing trip.

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1 review for Sonubaits Bream

  1. somersetangling

    “Wow, I’ve never had such success catching bream until I started using So Natural Bream groundbait! The mixing process is super easy, and it stays moist throughout the day. The fish seem to love it too – I’ve caught more bream than ever before since I started using this groundbait. Highly recommend it to any angler looking to improve their bream fishing game!”

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