Sensas Titou


  • ideal bleak float
  • Sits perfectly in ripples
  • popular for F1 fishing
  • Fibre tip
  • Carbon stem


Prepare to be captivated by the legendary status of this float, as it boasts a fervent following among fishing aficionados, including the esteemed members of the England team. Renowned for its unmatched performance as a Bleak float, it has earned its reputation through countless successful outings on the water.
The float’s exquisite design showcases a slender body that exudes elegance, complemented by an expertly engineered up design. This combination not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures a seamless integration with the water’s surface, allowing it to maintain stability even in the presence of ripples and subtle currents.
While initially recognized for its prowess in Bleak fishing, this versatile float has taken the angling world by storm, gaining substantial popularity in the realm of F1 fishing. Its exceptional sensitivity remains a standout feature, enabling anglers to detect even the most delicate of bites with unparalleled accuracy. Yet, don’t mistake sensitivity for fragility – this float possesses a remarkable robustness that can withstand the rigors of demanding fishing scenarios, proving its durability time and time again.
A testament to its meticulous craftsmanship, the float showcases a fiber tip and carbon stem combination, striking a perfect balance between finesse and strength. This harmonious fusion not only ensures optimal performance but also showcases a commitment to excellence that resonates with seasoned anglers and novices alike.
Indulge in the legacy of this remarkable float, and discover the countless victories and memorable catches that await you. Let its storied reputation guide you to new angling heights, as you join the ranks of those who have embraced its exceptional qualities and embarked on unforgettable fishing adventures.

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4×12, 4×14

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