Salmo Rattlin Pop


  • Topwater floating lure
  • Length: 7cm
  • Superb colors
  • High-impact body
  • Internal rattles
  • Feathered tail hook
  • Tank tested
  • Mustad hooks


The Salmo Rattlin’ Pop is revolutionising Pike fishing in the UK, taking the well-established concept of poppers and infusing it with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With a superior long casting system, internal rattles, and Mustad KVD Triple Grip Hooks, this topwater lure is your ultimate tool for reeling in more fish.

Key features of the Salmo Rattlin’ Pop:

Lure Type: Designed for topwater action, the Salmo Rattlin’ Pop entices Pike with its enticing surface presentation.
Size: Available in a single size, measuring 2-3/4 inches.
Buoyancy: The lure floats on the water’s surface (FL), creating irresistible commotion that Pike can’t resist.
Colour Patterns: Choose from natural colour patterns enhanced by True Image Technology and Holographic Feature Technology, or opt for high-contrast Fluorescent shades for added visibility.
Construction: Crafted from High-Impact Plastic (HIP), ensuring durability to withstand the powerful strikes of Pike.
Assembly: Utilising Ultrasonic Body Welding (UBW) for impeccable structural integrity, ensuring the lure remains intact in challenging fishing conditions.
Sound Attraction: Equipped with internal rattles, the lure emits enticing underwater vibrations, calling Pike from a distance.
Tail Hook: Enhanced with a feathered tail hook, adding a realistic touch to further trick Pike into biting.
Quality Assurance: Each lure is Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested, guaranteeing optimal performance right from the start.
Hooks: Outfitted with top-notch Mustad KVD Hooks, renowned for their sharpness and superior hooking ability.
Split Rings: The lure’s split rings are proudly made in the USA by Rasco, underscoring the commitment to quality.
When it comes to Pike fishing in the UK, the Salmo Rattlin’ Pop is your go-to choice, providing a potent combination of features to enhance your fishing success.

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Clear Blue Shiner, Green Tiger, Hot Toad, Red Hot Bluegill, Mamba, Lucky Bone

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