Rage UV Gloves


  • Protect hands from sun rays
  • Fox Rage light camo design
  • Velcro wrist fastening
  • Rod grip pads
  • Highly breathable palm
  • Reinforced casting pad


Indulge in an unmatched level of hand protection and comfort, especially during the scorching summer months, courtesy of the Fox Rage UV gloves. These gloves represent a meticulous design achievement, carefully crafted to offer a dual purpose: shielding your hands from the sun’s potentially harmful rays and delivering exceptional functionality for your outdoor activities in sun-soaked landscapes.

The array of key features encapsulated within these gloves includes:

Effective Coverage and Sun Protection: Immerse your hands in effective coverage, safeguarding them from the sun’s rays. These gloves serve as a barrier against the sun’s potentially harmful effects, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor ventures with peace of mind.
Tailored Sizing Options: Choose from a range of three sizes – Medium, Large, and XL – meticulously engineered to accommodate various hand dimensions. This ensures that every angler can find their ideal fit, enhancing overall comfort and usability.
Distinctive Design: Sporting the distinctive Fox Rage light camo design, these gloves harmoniously blend functionality and aesthetics. The design not only catches the eye but also speaks to the brand’s commitment to creating products that stand out.
Personalized Fit: A Velcro wrist fastening system adds a layer of customization, allowing you to achieve a snug and personalized fit. This ensures that the gloves remain securely in place even during active outdoor pursuits.
Enhanced Control and Convenience: Integrated rod grip pads elevate your control over fishing equipment, facilitating smoother and more precise handling. This thoughtful addition enhances convenience while pursuing your angling passion.
Breathable Palm Material: The gloves feature a highly breathable palm material that ensures a consistently cool and refreshing sensation, even when the weather is warm and inviting. This breathability maximizes comfort during extended periods of use.
Durability and Longevity: A reinforced casting pad strategically placed on the index finger serves to enhance durability and longevity. This thoughtful detail reinforces the gloves’ ability to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities.
Incorporating the Fox Rage UV gloves into your outdoor regimen transforms them into your trusty companions for optimal hand protection and performance. Whether you’re angling by the water, exploring nature, or engaging in various outdoor pursuits, these gloves offer a seamless blend of comfort and safety. Embrace the sun’s rays with confidence, knowing that your hands are shielded by the expertise and craftsmanship embedded within these exceptional gloves.

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