Preston Bait Brolly Arm


  • Perfectly position Bait brolly
  • Easy adjustment
  • Securely clamp to box leg
  • Length adjustment

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The Preston Offbox Extending Bait Brolly Arm offers a convenient solution for positioning your Bait Brolly exactly where you need it. With its user-friendly design, you can easily clamp the knuckle to a seat box leg located under the side tray. This ensures a secure and stable attachment.

The extending feature of the arm allows you to adjust its length to achieve the perfect positioning for your Bait Brolly. This flexibility ensures optimal coverage and protection from the elements, providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.

Whether you’re dealing with rain, sun, or wind, the Preston Offbox Extending Bait Brolly Arm allows you to adapt and position your Bait Brolly accordingly. It offers convenience and ease of use, enhancing your angling setup and allowing you to focus on your fishing without distractions.

Invest in the Preston Offbox Extending Bait Brolly Arm to enhance your angling experience and keep your bait and groundbait protected from the elements while fishing.

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