Preston Mini Tool Bar


  • Compatible with most seat box legs
  • Very versatile and compact
  • Rotates on a single seat box leg
  • 2 SnapLok accessory blocks
  • Ideal for nets, pole socks and accessories

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The Preston Mini Tool Bar, part of the OffBox 36 series, emerges as an indispensable asset in the arsenal of any angler. What sets this tool bar apart is its impressive compatibility with an extensive range of seat box leg profiles, establishing it as an incredibly versatile and compact accessory tailored to meet the diverse needs of anglers across various fishing scenarios.

This telescopic marvel of engineering is designed to rotate independently on a single seat box leg, adding a layer of convenience and efficiency to your angling experience. Its functionality is further enhanced by the inclusion of two SnapLok Accessory Blocks. These blocks are not just accessories; they represent a gateway to a multitude of possibilities for anglers. Whether it’s securely attaching keep nets, pole socks, or other OffBox accessories, the Mini Tool Bar provides a reliable and adaptable solution.

The versatility of the Preston Mini Tool Bar is truly highlighted in its design, allowing for the SnapLok Accessory Blocks to be fitted either horizontally or vertically. This adaptability caters to the specific preferences and needs of anglers, ensuring a seamless integration into their fishing setups.

Beyond its functional attributes, the Mini Tool Bar is crafted with a keen eye on space efficiency. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on performance, making it an ideal choice for anglers who value both functionality and convenience. Whether you’re gearing up for a competitive match or a leisurely fishing session, the Preston Mini Tool Bar is a dependable companion, providing the adaptability and reliability essential for an enjoyable and successful angling experience.

Upgrade your angling gear with the Preston Mini Tool Bar and unlock a new level of convenience, versatility, and efficiency on the water. This compact yet powerful tool is poised to become an essential component of your angling toolkit, enhancing your overall fishing experience.

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