Preston Standard Feeder Arm


  • Dual fixing points
  • Ultra stable
  • Easy angle tilt adjustment
  • Multi-angle positioning
  • Quick rod rest release

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The Preston Standard Feeder Arm is a must-have accessory for anglers seeking versatility and stability in their fishing setups. This feeder arm is engineered with dual fixing points, adding to its adaptability and providing exceptional stability during use. Its unique design allows for one of the fixing points to be positioned under the seat box frame, making it a perfect fit for traditional-style seat boxes as well as modern fishing stations.
What sets this feeder arm apart is its user-friendly features. It offers easy-angle tilt adjustment, giving you the flexibility to position your rod rest at the perfect angle for your fishing needs. The telescopic design further enhances its adaptability, allowing you to adjust the length of the arm to suit various fishing scenarios and venue requirements. Whether you’re fishing on a riverbank, at a serene lake, or a bustling match venue, this feeder arm can be customised to meet your specific preferences.
Additionally, the Preston Standard Feeder Arm includes a quick-release insert, making it incredibly convenient to remove the rod rest head for storage or transportation. This feature adds to the overall practicality of this accessory, ensuring that your fishing gear remains organised and easy to manage.
With its combination of versatility, stability, and user-friendly design, the Preston Standard Feeder Arm is a reliable addition to any angler’s toolkit. It caters to the diverse needs of anglers across different fishing environments, helping you enjoy a smoother and more productive fishing experience. Upgrade your fishing setup with this exceptional feeder arm and elevate your angling game.

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