Preston Centris 520 Feeder


  • Ideal feeder fishing reel
  • Perfect for long distances
  • Phenomenal line retrieve
  • Exceptionally strong bail arm
  • Incredibly smooth drag
  • Push button spool
  • Two line clips
  • Includes Aluminium spare spool
  • Double and single handles

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The Preston Centris range of match fishing reels is the result of over two years of dedicated development. These reels utilize the finest grade materials to create strong and durable tackle, providing match anglers with the dual advantage of speed and accuracy. With this exceptional piece of kit, you can consistently bring in winning hauls, match after match.
The NT 520 model features a titanium shaft and rotor, complementing its full aluminium body. This combination offers superior strength and power without adding unnecessary weight. The NT 520 is specifically designed for long-distance feeder anglers, ensuring optimal performance during those demanding casts.
One standout feature of the Preston Centris reels is the strong and flexible bail arm. Crafted from supple material, it ensures that your reels remain in top condition even when carried on a made-up rod in a rod holdall. This durability prevents frustrating damage to the reel, allowing you to focus on fishing and maximizing your valuable time on the peg.
If you frequently fish with two lines, you’ll appreciate the fact that the NT 520 comes with two line clips as standard. Additionally, the push-button spool change feature makes it effortless for novice anglers to switch setups and get back to fishing quickly, minimizing downtime on the bank.
The NT 520 boasts a gear ratio of 5:0:1, providing a smooth retrieve. With 7 bearings, it delivers highly responsive action. Weighing just over 300g, this reel offers a 150m spool capacity and a 0.75m/turn retrieve, ensuring excellent performance in various angling situations.
The Preston Centris range is the ultimate match fishing reel, designed to deliver standout performance on every venue and for every species. Regardless of the action you typically handle, these reels will meet and exceed your expectations.
Investing in the Preston Centris range is a wise choice if you want to maximize your match potential. These reels provide the speed and precision needed for successful match wins. Preston is a brand known for its high-quality fishing tackle, and the Centris range showcases their expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional gear.
The best thing about the Preston Centris range is the use of top-quality materials, ensuring high performance throughout many active matches to come. These reels are built to last and will continue to impress with their reliability, durability, and exceptional performance.

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