Nash Run Clip Pack


  • Adjustable zig end tackle
  • Ideal for running rigs
  • Unique curved clip
  • Locks under tension
  • Slack line passes freely
  • Zig floats easily adjusted
  • Locks at required depth
  • Carp cannot eject rig
  • Pack of 4
  • Lead bands
  • Anti-tangle tail rubbers
  • Buffer beads


Discover the Nash Run Clip Pack, a revolutionary solution designed to address the demands of anglers seeking the utmost versatility in adjustable zig end tackle and running rig systems. Nash Run Clips redefine the way anglers approach their setups with a focus on innovation and functionality.
At the heart of this system lies the uniquely curved clip, a feature that offers both security and flexibility. It locks firmly into position under the tension of your fishing line, ensuring precise bite indication, especially when used in conjunction with bottom rigs. Crucially, the design also allows slack line to pass through effortlessly, granting you the freedom to make on-the-fly adjustments to your zig floats. Adjusting the depth of your presentation is a breeze, and once you’ve found the perfect setting, the clip firmly locks the float in place.
The versatility of Nash Run Clips shines when paired with bottom rigs. Not only do they enhance bite indication, but they also serve as a safeguard against carp using the lead’s weight to eject the rig. What truly sets this end tackle apart is its unique ability to facilitate free running line movement while still enabling the lead to be ejected when tension locks it onto the line. This innovation makes adjustable zigs and deep water zigging safer and more effective than ever before.
Inside each Nash Run Clip Pack, you’ll find a set of 4 clips, along with essential accessories. Lead Bands are included to regulate ejection, ensuring your setup operates at its optimal performance level. Additionally, anti-tangle Tail Rubbers and Buffer Beads are thoughtfully provided, designed to seamlessly grip size 8 swivels or zig floats, further enhancing the convenience and efficiency of your angling gear.
Nash Run Clips are available in two versatile colours: weed green and silt, allowing you to adapt your setup to different fishing environments and conditions. These clips represent a leap forward in angling technology, offering a combination of reliability and adaptability that anglers have long been seeking.
Experience the Nash Run Clip Pack, a game-changer that empowers you to tailor your angling approach with precision and confidence, ultimately elevating your fishing experience to new heights.

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Weed Green, Silt

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Nash Run Clip Pack


  • Adjustable zig end tackle
  • Unique curved clip
  • Locks into position under tension
  • Slack line passes freely
  • Easily adjust Zig floats
  • Locked at required depth
  • Enhanced bite indication
  • Lead Bands regulate ejection
  • Anti-tangle Tail Rubbers
  • Buffer Beads grip size 8 swivels
  • Pack of 4
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