Nash Chodlink


  • Extra tough
  • Stiff
  • High memory
  • Ideal for chod and hinged rigs
  • Can be perfectly shaped
  • 20m spool


Nash Chodlink is an exceptional hooklink material that has been painstakingly designed to cater to the exacting requirements of carp anglers in search of the ideal blend of strength, stiffness, and memory for their chod and hinged pop-up rigs. This remarkable line empowers you to create rigs with unparalleled precision, ensuring that your bait presentation is nothing short of exceptional.

What sets Nash Chodlink apart is its thoughtful design, incorporating the Diffusion Camo pattern. This pattern not only enhances its camouflage properties but also seamlessly integrates with diverse underwater environments, guaranteeing that your rig remains virtually invisible to even the most cautious of carp. The added toughness of Chodlink makes it a dependable companion when facing the most demanding fishing conditions.

A standout feature of this Nash hooklink material is its exceptional memory. This high-memory characteristic empowers you to carefully shape your rigs and secure them in the desired configuration. This is particularly advantageous when crafting boom sections that can be steamed straight, thereby significantly enhancing the overall effectiveness of your presentation.

Nash Chodlink is available in various breaking strains to accommodate your specific angling requirements:

  • 20lb (0.45mm)
  • 25lb (0.50mm)
  • 30lb (0.55mm)

With Nash Chodlink as part of your angling arsenal, you’ll approach each fishing situation with unwavering confidence, knowing that your rig has been meticulously optimized for success in pursuit of those elusive carp.

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20lb 0.45mm, 25lb 0.50mm, 30lb 0.55mm

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