Nash Armourlink


  • Exclusively developed by Nash
  • Ultra heavy fibres blended in Dyneema
  • Sinks 3 x faster than fluorocarbon
  • Encapsulated in resin
  • Excellent anti-tangle properties
  • Unbeatable abrasion resistance
  • Amazingly supple
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Nash Armourlink represents a cutting-edge advancement in terminal tackle technology, exclusively developed by angling legend Kevin Nash. This remarkable hooklink material is crafted using ultra-heavy sintered HD plus fibres blended with Dyneema, resulting in a truly exceptional combination of strength and suppleness.
One of the standout features of Armourlink is its rapid sinking capability, which outpaces fluorocarbon by sinking three times faster. This characteristic ensures that your baited rig settles quickly and effectively on the lakebed.
To further enhance its performance, Armourlink is encapsulated with a unique resin. This innovative design offers several advantages, including excellent anti-tangle properties without the need for an external coating. Additionally, Armourlink boasts unbeatable abrasion resistance, making it well-suited for the most demanding fishing situations.
Despite its impressive strength, Nash Armourlink remains remarkably supple in water, allowing for impeccable presentation. It’s a testament to the fusion of strength and flexibility in terminal tackle.
Armourlink is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in angling gear. Designed by Nash and manufactured in Europe, it embodies the cutting-edge technology required to succeed in modern carp fishing.
Whether you’re targeting elusive specimens or tackling challenging fishing conditions, Armourlink is your reliable companion at the forefront of angling innovation.

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15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 35lb

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