Mitchell Avocast 4 Rod Set


  • 4 Carp fishing reels
  • Built in bite alarms
  • Free Spool reel system
  • 4 colour alarm system
  • Halo Rotor
  • 6 1 bearings
  • Aluminum spool
  • Soft touch handle

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Mitchell Avocast 4 Rod Set – a comprehensive ensemble catering to carp anglers seeking top-notch performance and innovative features. This set comprises four carp fishing reels, each equipped with built-in bite alarms, providing a seamless integration of technology and functionality.

Embracing a total black carpy design with understated and subtle branding, the Mitchell Avocast 4 Rod Set is not only a powerhouse in performance but also an aesthetic complement to your carp fishing gear. The free spool reel system ensures smooth and controlled casting, enhancing your angling experience.

The integrated bite alarm system, available in four distinct colours, adds a layer of sophistication to your setup, allowing for visual identification of triggered alarms. The Halo Rotor, coupled with 6 + 1 bearings, ensures a fluid and reliable operation, contributing to a seamless fishing experience.

Crafted with precision, the Mitchell Avocast reels feature a black anodized aluminum spool, combining durability with a sleek aesthetic. The multi-disk drag system, equipped with greased felt, ensures consistent and reliable drag performance, providing the control needed in various fishing situations.

To enhance your handling comfort, the Mitchell Avocast 4 Rod Set features a soft-touch handle knob, adding a tactile element to your angling experience. This thoughtful design detail ensures that every moment spent with these reels is not only productive but also comfortable.

In summary, this Mitchell 4 Rod Set is a testament to cutting-edge carp fishing technology. From the free spool reel system to the integrated bite alarms and the black anodized aluminum spool, each component is meticulously designed to elevate your carp fishing adventures. Invest in this comprehensive set for a seamless blend of performance, style, and comfort on the waters.

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