Matrix Side Tray Arm


  • No additional legs needed
  • Maximum support for all tray sizes
  • Two fixed leg blocks
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Fits 25mm, 30mm, and 36mm round legs
  • H 210mm L 320mm

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The Matrix Side Tray Arm is a reliable and essential seatbox accessory designed to support your side tray without the need for additional legs. It is particularly beneficial for coarse anglers who require extra surface area for baiting and rig making. This support arm provides maximum support for side trays of all sizes.
With its two fixed leg blocks, the Matrix Side Tray Arm ensures there is no flex or movement, making it ideal for use in windy conditions at the bank. Despite its sturdiness, the arm remains lightweight, thanks to the matt aluminium extrusions used in its construction.
The side tray support is incredibly versatile, as it fits 25mm, 30mm, and 36mm round legs on seat boxes or fishing chairs. This adaptability allows you to use the arm with various angling setups. In terms of dimensions, the arm measures 210mm in height and 320mm in length.
Equip yourself with the Matrix Side Tray Arm and gain an advantage in match and coarse angling. Its reliable support, lightweight design, and compatibility with different setups make it a valuable addition to your angling gear. Elevate your performance on the bank with the Matrix 3D-R tray support arm.

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