Preston Superium Margin


  • 8.5m Margin pole
  • Carp kit in pole
  • 2 x Carp kits
  • 1 x Superium holdall

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Discover the extraordinary Preston Superium Margin 8.5M Pole, a true gem that deserves a spot in every match angler’s collection. This fishing pole is a rare beauty, offering a perfect combination of lightweight design and impressive strength.
The Superium Margin pole stands out with its exceptional lightness and stiffness, delivering outstanding performance when targeting tight spots and margins. Despite its featherweight feel, this pole is built to handle the heaviest elastics available, providing you with the power you need for challenging fishing situations.
Experience the remarkable versatility of the Superium Margin 8.5M Pole. It excels in precision fishing, allowing you to reach those hard-to-reach areas with ease. This pole effortlessly combines the strength of a heavyweight model with the agility and maneuverability of a lightweight pole, resulting in a truly remarkable fishing experience.
Invest in the Preston Superium Margin 8.5M Pole and unlock a world of possibilities on the bank. Its lightweight yet robust construction, coupled with its exceptional performance, makes it a must-have tool for match anglers seeking an edge in their fishing pursuits. Upgrade your fishing arsenal with this remarkable pole and elevate your angling game to new heights.

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