Korda Kamo


  • Super tough coated braid
  • Camouflaged finish
  • Easy to strip
  • Multitude of presentations
  • Ideal for combi rigs to more complex multi-rigs
  • 20m spool


Korda Kamo stands out as a top-tier camouflaged coated hooklink braid, designed to meet the demanding needs of anglers across a spectrum of fishing environments. With its exceptional toughness and versatility, Kamo has earned its reputation as a reliable choice for both UK waters and the most challenging venues in Europe, including renowned carp hotspots like Rainbow Lake in France, home to some of the largest carp in the continent.
What sets Kamo apart is its remarkable inner braid, meticulously engineered for outstanding abrasion resistance. This ensures that the line can withstand the harshest conditions and the fiercest battles with big fish. However, the real magic lies in its camouflage coating, a game-changer that allows your rigs to seamlessly blend into the lakebed. This feature is a strategic advantage, making it difficult for carp to spot your carefully crafted presentations.
One of the most impressive aspects of Kamo is its coating’s durability. It can be knotted without the risk of creating unwanted hinges where you don’t want them, providing you with greater flexibility in rig construction. At the same time, it remains user-friendly, allowing for precise stripping when crafting specialized presentations like combi-rigs.
Kamo is available in practical 20m spools, providing ample material for your angling needs. Its breaking strains cover a wide spectrum, ranging from 15lb to 80lb, ensuring that you can select the ideal strength for your specific fishing situation. Whether you’re pursuing carp in your local UK waters or venturing to the toughest European venues, Korda Kamo is a trusted and effective hooklink braid that will help elevate your angling success. Choose Kamo for reliability, durability, and the advantage of concealed presentation on the lakebed.

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15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 65lb, 80lb

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