Guru N-Gauge Super Natural


  • Premium mono line
  • Developed for pole rigs and hooklengths
  • High dia. to breaking strain
  • Incredibly strong and thin
  • Minimal stretch
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • 150m spool


Dive into the world of superior angling with the Guru N-Gauge Super Natural Clear Mono—a top-tier monofilament meticulously designed for the nuances of pole rig and hooklength applications. This premium fishing line is a testament to innovation, featuring a crystal-clear colour and an outstanding diameter to breaking strain ratio. This unique combination seamlessly blends remarkable strength with a slender profile, embodying the essential qualities demanded by modern monofilament enthusiasts.

Setting itself apart, the Supernatural line boasts a distinctive gripping and non-slip nature, a carefully engineered characteristic aimed at elevating your knot tying prowess and accommodating spade-end hooks with unparalleled finesse. This key feature distinguishes it from our original and widely popular N-Gauge, a copolymer line with nuanced differences in properties.

The Supernatural monofilament goes beyond mere strength—it exhibits minimal stretch and high resistance to abrasion. This makes it the ideal companion for conquering demanding fishing scenarios and ensuring a successful haul of numerous fish. To uphold its premium quality, we take great care in the level-winding process onto the spool, ensuring precision and maintaining the line’s integrity. Available in convenient 150m spools, this meticulous winding process guarantees that the line leaves the spool in perfect form, ready for your next angling adventure.

Precision is the hallmark of the Supernatural line, boasting highly accurate diameters and breaking strains. This attention to detail caters to the needs of the most discerning and particular anglers, ensuring that every cast and retrieval is met with optimum performance. Elevate your fishing experience with the Guru N-Gauge Super Natural Clear Mono, where strength, finesse, and reliability converge to redefine your angling pursuits on the water.

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0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.14mm, 0.16mm, 0.18mm, 0.20mm, 0.23mm, 0.26mm

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