Gardner Adjustable Line Clips


  • Simple to fix
  • Creates optimum angle
  • Fine tune by moving clip
  • Reducing distance increases sensitivity
  • Ideal for slack lines
  • Pack of 3

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The Gardner Adjustable Line Clips are a must-have addition to your fishing gear, providing versatility and functionality to enhance your angling experience. These line clips are designed to create the optimum angle between the bobbin, hanger, and buzzer, ensuring precise and reliable bite indication.
With the ability to fine-tune bite indication by easily moving the clip, you have full control over the sensitivity of your setup. Adjusting the distance between the clip and the bobbin allows you to customize the setup and increase sensitivity, ensuring that even the slightest bites are detected.
Ideal for fishing slack lines, these line clips deliver accurate bite detection, making them a valuable asset in various fishing situations. For long-range fishing, it is recommended to place the clip as far away from the butt ring or bite indicator as possible, ensuring optimal performance during extended casts.
The Gardner Adjustable Line Clips come in a convenient pack of 3, providing great value and versatility for your fishing needs. Upgrade your setup with these adjustable line clips, and enjoy enhanced bite indication and precision in your angling pursuits.

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