Fox Zig Aligna Foam


  • Various colour options
  • Pack 0f 3 lengths


Introducing the Fox Zig Aligna Foam: A Game-Changer for Zig Rig fishing

The Fox Zig Aligna Foam represents a groundbreaking innovation set to revolutionise Zig Rig fishing as we know it. Building on the foundation of our successful Line Aligna Adaptor, initially developed for pop-up and bottom bait fishing, the Zig Aligna Foam is crafted from a softer, highly buoyant plastic material. What sets it apart is the unique moulded loop located on its back.

By using the convenient loading tool included in the Zig Aligna Kit, you can easily insert a foam piece of your choice into the loop on the Aligna and trim it to your preferred size, creating the ultimate hookbait. The loop securely holds the foam, ensuring it remains in place even during the most extensive casts.

Here are some of the benefits that the Zig Aligna brings to your angling experience:

  1. Improved Hookholds and Anti-Eject Properties: The Zig Aligna creates a wider gape compared to a standard knotless knot or Zig Bug style hook, making hook penetration easier and more effective.
  2. Enhanced Hooking Potential: This innovative tool keeps your hookbait centralised, unlike the knotless knot on light monofilament that tends to pull the Hair off to one side, which can lead to weaker hook holds.
  3. Stronger, More Reliable Knots: The Aligna allows you to attach your hook to the hooklink with a Palomar or Grinner Knot, providing greater strength and preventing the eye of your hook from rubbing on and weakening the hooklink during fish battles.
  4. Exceptional Value for Money: In the event your hook point turns over, you can easily slide the Aligna up your hooklink and attach a new hook. This approach is more cost-effective than Zig Bug style hookbaits that need to be discarded when the point dulls.
  5. Versatility: You can mix and match foam colours and Zig Aligna for a variety of hookbait colour options, allowing you to find the most effective combination for any given day.
  6. Speed and Ease of Use: Changing your hookbait is a quick and straightforward process, and swapping hookbaits becomes effortless thanks to the unique loading tool.
  7. Imitation of Emerging Larvae Shape: The Zig Aligna, combined with a foam insert, closely mimics the shape of a nymph with a slender curved body and a prominent head, making it a natural and highly attractive imitation.
  8. Hi-Vis Colour Options: The red and yellow choices enable you to create highly visible hookbaits for single hookbait fishing or spodding a slop over the top. This is especially effective when using a spod mix containing red maggots and sweetcorn.

In summary, the Fox Zig Aligna Foam is a game-changing addition to the angler’s toolkit. With its innovative features and versatility, it offers numerous advantages, making it a valuable asset for your Zig Rig fishing endeavours.

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