Fox Wide Gape Hooks


  • Super wide gaped hook
  • Superb penetration
  • Perfect bottom baits and pop-ups
  • Ideal for hard gravel bottoms
  • Super sharp
  • Arma Point technology
  • 10 degree in-turned eye
  • Non-reflective dark coating
  • Super strong and lightweight


The Fox Wide Gape Hooks represent the culmination of extensive discussions and collaboration with seasoned anglers and consultants who understand the importance of maximizing hooking potential when targeting carp. The concept of creating a rig with an exceptionally wide gape has long been cherished by many in the angling community, and Fox has taken this concept to the next level.

The design team at Fox set out to craft a hook that would surpass their already popular Wide Gape and Stiff Rig hooks in terms of gape width. The result of their efforts is the Super Wide Gape, a hook with a distinctive, elongated, and sweeping bend that offers a significant increase in gape width compared to its predecessors.

The Super Wide Gape Hook retains the signature features that have made Fox hooks a trusted choice among anglers. Its sharp, beaked point ensures excellent penetration and hook hold, delivering the confidence anglers need to secure their prized catch. The wide gape provides ample space for the hook bait to sit, ensuring it is perfectly presented to entice and hook carp effectively.

In rigorous testing, the Fox Super Wide Gape Hooks have consistently proven their effectiveness, even on the simplest of rigs. This hook design excels in a wide range of fishing situations, allowing anglers to worry less about rig mechanics and more about positioning their bait accurately.

The Super Wide Gape Hook from Fox is not just a hook; it’s a game-changer in carp fishing. With its innovative design and enhanced gape, it offers anglers a powerful tool to improve their chances of success on the bank. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to carp fishing, this Super Wide Gape Hooks are designed to elevate your fishing experience and help you achieve your angling goals. Trust in Fox’s commitment to quality and innovation, and make the Super Wide Gape Hook your go-to choice for hooking carp with confidence.

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