Fox Wide Gape X


  • Extra strong version of the Fox Edges Wide Gape Beaked pattern
  • Ideal when fishing for the largest carp in extreme ‘hook and hold’ conditions with strong lines and stiff rods
  • 10 degree In-turned eye
  • Needle-sharp beaked point
  • Utilizes Arma Point technology
  • Super-strong yet lightweight XC80 Vanadium forged steel construction
  • Non-reflective PTFE Coating
  • Micro-barbed
  • Sizes available: 1, 2 and 4


Fox have developed the Fox Wide Gape X hook. The world of carp fishing, having the right terminal tackle can make all the difference when it comes to landing that prized catch.  This premium quality hook is designed to meet the demands of the most challenging carp fishing situations, where strong and reliable gear is essential to keep the fish hooked.

What sets this hook apart from others is its extra-strong construction. This feature makes it an ideal choice for targeting large and powerful carp in situations where you need to rely on the strength of your gear. The 10-degree in-turned eye and needle-sharp beaked point are designed to maximize hooking potential and utilize the latest Arma Point technology.

Constructed from super-strong XC80 Vanadium forged steel, these extra strong hooks are built to last and will withstand the most brutal of battles with carp. The non-reflective PTFE coating ensures that the hook blends in seamlessly with the lake bed, reducing the risk of spooking wary fish. The micro-barb is also designed to comply with fishery rules and regulations while providing excellent hook holding properties.

Available in sizes 1, 2, and 4, these Wide Gape X hooks are suitable for a wide range of carp fishing scenarios. Whether you’re targeting big fish on a heavy setup or using lighter gear for more finesse fishing, Fox Wide Gape X is sure to deliver the performance and reliability that you need to succeed on the bank. With its premium-quality design and exceptional hooking potential, the Fox Wide Gape X hook is a must-have for any serious carp angler.

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1, 2, 4

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