Fox RX+ 3 Rod Set


  • Weatherproof sealed case
  • Digital circuitry
  • D-Tec Plus sensing system
  • Low battery drain
  • Tru-Run™ roller wheel
  • Twin multi colour LEDs
  • On / Off toggle switch
  • Day and night mode
  • Both LEDs glow in night mode
  • Cone speaker
  • Stainless thread
  • Rod friendly rubber inlays
  • Indexed volume control
  • Indexed tone control
  • Indexed sensitivity control
  • Range test function
  • Low battery warning
  • Power Out Socket (2.5mm)
  • 2 x AA batteries not supplied

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Introducing the Fox RX 3 Rod Set, a state-of-the-art alarm system packed with advanced features to elevate your fishing experience. Encased in a weatherproof sealed case, this set guarantees durability and reliability in any weather condition.
Key Features of the RX 3 Rod Set:
Equipped with the D-Tec™ Plus Sensing System (DTSS) for precise bite detection.
Low battery drain technology ensures extended battery life.
Features a CNC machined Tru-Run™ roller wheel for smooth line movement.
Enjoy the convenience of twin multi-colour LEDs that offer a wide range of colors (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple & White).
Two operational modes – day and night mode, activated with an easy-to-use On/Off toggle switch.
In night mode, both LEDs will subtly glow in your chosen color for discreet nighttime fishing.
Enhanced audio quality with a high-quality cone speaker.
The alarm comes with a rigid 3/8” stainless steel thread and rod-friendly rubber inlays.
Enjoy precise volume control with 8 different levels, including a completely silent option.
Adjustable tone control with 8 settings – turn the dial clockwise to raise pitch and anti-clockwise to lower pitch.
Indexed ergonomic control for Intelligent Sensitivity with See-Saw elimination (8 sensitivity settings).
Range test function to ensure the RX Receiver picks up the RX head at any distance.
Low battery warning indicated by a cyan LED, prompting timely battery replacement.
Convenient Power Out Socket (2.5mm) for use with illuminated Swingers.
Supplied with two compression washer options (rigid and soft) and an extra soft washer per unit.
Powered by 2 x AA batteries for easy replacement.
The RX 3 Rod Set offers improved features compared to its predecessor, the NTX-R. It boasts deeper ears without increasing the alarm’s height, and each ear is equipped with a single multi-colour LED at the top. The Colour Sync™ function allows external control to change LED colors with a simple button on the battery cover.
With the RX 3 Rod Set, you can manually select day and night modes for enhanced customization. Adjust the Vari-Bright LED brightness to match fishing conditions – three settings for day mode and three for night mode, all adjustable via a button on the battery cover.
Furthermore, the set features a larger clearance around the roller wheel and improved drainage, reducing the risk of freezing in extreme cold conditions. The RX Receiver complements the alarm system with Ultra-Long Range™ capability and additional useful features.
The Sensitivity Control offers eight settings, requiring the line to travel a specified distance in the same direction within 2 seconds to trigger the unit. This helps reduce false alarms caused by wind and water movement.
The RX Receiver comes with impressive features like battery life indication with LED indicators, a low battery warning, vibration alert function, bivvy light function, anti-theft alarm, and the ability to sync with up to eight RX Micron heads. It also has a Silent ON mode for discreet operation without sound output.
The Bivvy Light function on the receiver activates in specific scenarios, preventing unnecessary activation and providing clear notifications when needed.
With the Fox RX 3 Rod Set, you have a powerful and reliable fishing companion, ready to enhance your angling adventures with its advanced technology and improved performance.

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