Fox Mini Micron X


  • 7 level volume control
  • 4 setting tone control
  • 4 setting sensitivity control
  • Drop back differential
  • Two Ø5mm hi vis LED
  • Green, Blue, Red, Orange LED
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Consistent bite detection
  • Power out socket for indicators
  • Low battery warning
  • Crisp sound
  • Rubber inlays to protect rod
  • On/off toggle switch
  • Knurled locking collar
  • N Type/ LR1 batteries not included

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The Fox Mini Micron X is a modern re-worked version of the classic Mini Micron Bite Alarm, showcasing a range of exciting new features, including receiver technology for added convenience and versatility.
With the Mini Micron X, you are equipped with ultimate control at your fingertips. The volume control button offers seven distinct levels, granting you precise sound output adjustments. The tone control button provides four settings to customize the tone to your liking, while the sensitivity control button offers four different settings for accurate bite detection.
The Mini Micron X is designed with receiver compatibility, allowing seamless pairing with the Mini Micron X Receiver, ensuring real-time updates and freeing you from staying anchored to your fishing spot.
Featuring two Ø5mm High Vis Multi-coloured LEDs in Green, Blue, Red, and Orange, selecting your preferred colour is a breeze. Simply hold down the volume button and press the sensitivity button to change the colour. The adjustable LED brightness further enhances visibility and can be modified by holding down the volume button and pressing the tone button.
Equipped with the advanced D-Tec Sensing System and Roller wheel technology, the Mini Micron X offers clear and consistent bite detection, elevating your fishing success.
With a 2.5mm power out socket, connecting illuminated bite indicators such as the Fox Illuminated Swinger® is quick and easy, ensuring optimal visibility during low-light conditions.
To keep you prepared, the Mini Micron X includes a low battery warning feature. The LEDs will automatically flash red every 2 seconds when the batteries are running low, alerting you to replace them.
The cone speaker provides crisp and clear sound, enabling swift response to any fish activity. Rubber inlays protect your fishing rod and securely hold it in place, even during aggressive bites.
For ease of use, the Mini Micron X features an on/off toggle switch and knurled locking collar. It runs on small N Type/LR1 batteries, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.
With its sturdy metal (Alloy) 3/8 BSF thread, the Mini Micron X offers secure and dependable attachment to your rod setup.
Here’s a top tip: For the best bite indication, always use the Mini Micron X in conjunction with a Bobbin, Hanger, or Swinger®, creating a winning combination for a successful fishing adventure.

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