Fox Lead Clip Tail Rubbers


  • Cut away section ensures clip releases
  • Adjustable lead release force
  • Edges Camo colour
  • Moving tail rubber adjusts lead release
  • Works with size 7 Lead Clip
  • 10 per pack

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Introducing Fox Lead Clip Tail Rubbers, a vital component in the Fox Edges Camo series. These tail rubbers are designed with precision to enhance your angling experience, ensuring a seamless release of the lead when necessary. The innovative cut-away section guarantees that the clip lets go of the lead precisely when needed, providing you with better control over your rig.

One of the standout features of these tail rubbers is the adjustable lead release force, allowing you to fine-tune it according to the specific angling situation. This adaptability ensures that you can customize your setup to match the conditions of your fishing environment, giving you a distinct edge in achieving successful catches.

The Edges Camo coloration adds a touch of camouflage to your rig, blending it seamlessly with the underwater surroundings and reducing the chance of startling cautious fish. To further enhance the security of your lead, simply push the tail rubber down the clip, providing a more secure hold.

Compatible with Size 7 Lead Clip & Pegs, these tail rubbers offer versatility in their use, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into your existing setup. Each pack includes 10 tail rubbers, ensuring you have an ample supply for various angling sessions or to replace any worn-out components.

Upgrade your fishing gear with Fox Lead Clip Tail Rubbers and experience the reliability, adaptability, and stealthy presentation that comes with the Edges Camo series. Elevate your angling game with the confidence that your rig is equipped with top-notch components designed to enhance your overall fishing performance.

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