Fox X4 Landing Net


  • Strong power pole
  • Shrink wrap grips
  • Aluminium spreader block
  • Carbon arms
  • Deep mesh with reinforced corners
  • 42ins or 46ins with 6ft pole
  • 42ins with 8ft two-piece pole


The Fox Horizon X4 Landing Net is a top-of-the-line specimen landing net constructed with high modulus 3k carbon. This net is designed to meet the needs of anglers targeting larger fish, providing exceptional strength and performance. With its range of features, it stands out as a reliable and versatile tool for landing impressive catches.
The net is equipped with an increased diameter “power pole,” enhancing its overall strength and ensuring it can handle the weight and power of specimen fish. This design feature prevents the net from over-flexing during the netting action, allowing for a smooth and controlled maneuver through the water.
The Japanese shrink wrap handle grips offer a comfortable and secure hold, ensuring that you maintain full control during the landing process. The gloss finish adds a touch of elegance to the net’s appearance, making it visually appealing on the bank.
The machined black aluminium spreader block provides stability and durability, ensuring that the net performs reliably even under demanding conditions. The high modulus 3K carbon arms further enhance the net’s strength and durability, while the increased diameter power pole adds extra rigidity and prevents excessive flexing.
The Horizon X4 Landing Net features a khaki-colored deep mesh with reinforced fabric corners, providing both strength and fish-friendly properties. The 42-inch net size, combined with the 6ft pole, offers ample reach and versatility for various fishing situations.
Whether you’re targeting specimen fish or simply seeking a high-quality landing net, the Fox Horizon X4 is a standout choice. Its robust construction, advanced features, and fish-friendly design make it an essential tool for anglers looking to land impressive catches. Invest in the Fox Horizon X4 Landing Net and experience the confidence and reliability it brings to your fishing adventures.

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42 inch, 6 ft, 46 inch, 6ft, 42 inch, 8 ft

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