Fox Frontier Brolly


  • Lightweight 1 person brolly
  • Quick setup
  • High flat back
  • Ventilation pegging points
  • Four internal pockets
  • Storm cords
  • Carry bag
  • Size 250 x 185 x 130cm
  • Weight 8kg

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Introducing the Fox Frontier Brolly, a versatile and lightweight shelter meticulously designed to cater to the needs of the solo angler. With this brolly, you’ll experience the perfect blend of convenience, functionality, and protection while out in the great outdoors.
Setting up the Fox Frontier Brolly is a breeze, thanks to its quick and efficient assembly process. The high, flat back design not only ensures you have ample headroom to move comfortably within the shelter but also provides excellent protection against the elements. Whether you’re faced with a sudden rain shower or a bit of sunshine, you can rely on the Fox Frontier Brolly to keep you sheltered and comfortable.
To enhance your overall experience, the brolly features strategic ventilation pegging points that allow fresh air to circulate, preventing any stuffiness and ensuring a pleasant environment inside. No more worrying about humidity or condensation; instead, you can focus on your angling pursuits.
Convenience doesn’t stop at quick setup and comfort. The Fox Frontier Brolly also comes with four internal pockets that serve as convenient storage solutions for your essential gear and accessories. This means you can keep your equipment organized and within arm’s reach, so you can stay focused on the task at hand.
When you’re angling in less-than-ideal weather conditions, you can count on the stability of the Frontier Brolly. It features integrated storm cords to help secure your shelter in place, ensuring it won’t budge, even in windy conditions. Your peace of mind is guaranteed.
To make transportation and storage a breeze, the Fox Frontier Brolly includes a handy carry bag. Its compact design allows you to easily pack and transport your brolly, ensuring it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your fishing gear.
The dimensions of the Fox Frontier Brolly are generous, measuring 250 x 185 x 130cm, ensuring ample space for your angling setup. Despite its spacious interior, the brolly remains lightweight, weighing in at just 8kg, which means you can carry it with ease to your chosen angling spot.
The Fox Frontier Brolly represents the perfect combination of function and convenience, offering you a reliable shelter solution for your outdoor angling adventures. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility this brolly provides as you focus on your angling success.

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