Fox F Box Large Lids


  • Low profile lids
  • Compatible Large F-Box
  • Creates more compact storage
  • Magnetic closure
  • Moulded ruler
  • Two per pack

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The Fox F Box Large Lids are specifically designed to enhance your rig organization and storage capabilities. These innovative lids allow you to split the Fox F-Box Large into two compact rig cases, each equipped with a secure magnetic closure. With this pack of two low-profile and fully compatible F-Box lids, you can conveniently carry a stripped-down setup or tackle multiple venues during the same fishing trip, ensuring that your pre-tied specific rigs are kept separate and readily identifiable.
Designed with practicality in mind, these F-Box lids seamlessly integrate with the large F-Box system. Each lid is thoughtfully equipped with a moulded ruler on the outside, providing you with an accurate reference point for rig tying. This added feature ensures precision and efficiency when preparing your rigs, saving you valuable time on the bank.
The compatible magnetic closure mechanism offers reliable and firm closure, giving you peace of mind that your rig boards and accessories will remain securely in place during transit. When it’s time to set up and cast out, you can count on the magnetic closure to allow quick and easy access to your rigs, enabling you to focus on the excitement of fishing.
Whether you’re a meticulous angler who values efficient organization or someone who appreciates the convenience of having separate rigs for different fishing scenarios, the Fox F Box Large Lids are a valuable addition to your angling arsenal. Invest in these versatile lids and experience the benefits of enhanced rig storage, improved accessibility, and seamless integration with your Fox F-Box Large system.

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