• 5 stainless ball bearings
  • Rotor balanced profile
  • EOS 5000
  • Gear ratio 5:1
  • Weight 350g
  • Line 0.30mm – 150m
  • EOS 7000
  • Gear ratio 5:1
  • Weight 450g
  • Line 0.30mm – 150m
  • EOS 10000
  • Gear ratio 5.5:1
  • Weight 558g
  • Line 0.33mm – 320m
  • Line 0.35mm – 260m


The Fox EOS Reel is a remarkable choice available in two sizes: the compact EOS 7000 and the expansive EOS 10000. These baitrunner reels are equipped with five stainless ball bearings, a crucial feature for optimal performance in big pit reels. By reducing friction and preventing internal issues, these bearings ensure smooth operation, extend the reel’s lifespan, and maintain its exceptional quality.

Both sizes of the EOS carp reels boast a perfectly balanced rotor, achieved through computer balancing. This meticulous process eliminates human error, guaranteeing flawless performance throughout the reel’s lifetime. Fox understands the importance of a balanced rotor, as it enhances longevity and provides unforgettable angling experiences.

The EOS 7000 features a gear ratio of 5:1, while the Fox EOS 10000 boasts an impressive ratio of 5.5:1. The line capacity of the EOS 7000 is 0.30mm-150m, whereas the EOS 10000 offers 0.33mm-320m or 0.35mm-260m. Regardless of your target species, both these carp fishing reels possess tremendous potential and complement any carp rod. The weight difference between the two sizes is minimal, with the EOS 7000 weighing 450g and the EOS 10000 weighing 558g. Transporting the larger reel size is not a concern for anglers pursuing larger fish.

Designed specifically for specialist anglers targeting the largest carp and coarse species, the EOS 10000 excels in balancing on any Fox carp rod. With exceptional cranking power and an impressive gear ratio, this reel allows you to effortlessly reel in substantial amounts of line, confidently tackling aggressive and sizable specimen fish. Its robust construction ensures durability and the ability to handle the immense power required to reel in substantial catches without disappointment.

The Fox EOS carp reel is not only hardworking and reliable but also aesthetically pleasing. Sporting sleek all-black cosmetics, complemented by a twilight handle and spool, the EOS reel adds a touch of style to your fishing gear. This reel serves as a superb investment, combining exceptional performance and captivating design, ensuring you stand out as the most stylish angler on the bank.

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EOS 5000, EOS 7000, EOS 10000

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