Fox Dumpy Bobbin


  • Classic old school look
  • Opaque coloured main body
  • Two transparent isotope windows
  • Removable indented cap
  • Weighs 13g
  • Supplied with brass weight insert
  • 6in ball chain
  • Black aluminium hockey stick connection
  • Ideal for medium to long range


The Fox Dumpy Bobbins offer a perfect blend of classic form and contemporary function, combining old-school style with modern angling attributes. These bobbins are designed with a unique, removable, indented cap and two transparent isotope windows, allowing you to see the glow of your isotopes from different angles and creating an attractive, sophisticated look on the bankside that sets you apart from other anglers.
Injection-moulded and supplied with a removable brass weight insert, the Dumpy Bobbins can be adjusted to suit your fishing needs. With the weight attached, they are ideal for medium to long-range fishing. They come in a variety of colours to match your caps and bite alarm LEDs, adding a personal touch to your fishing gear and giving you a chance to showcase your style.
These bobbins feature a 6-inch black anodised ball chain and a machined aluminium hockey stick connection, adding both style and functionality to your fishing setup. They are not only practical but also serve as a great conversation starter, helping you connect with fellow anglers who share your passion for fishing.
Crafted with Fox’s renowned focus on exemplary standards, style, and performance, these bobbins deliver the same passion, expertise, and attention to detail you would expect from top-end tackle. Despite their fun and affordable nature, they are built to perform with excellence.
Whether you want to add some colour to your winter sessions or join in with the vibrant display of the surrounding landscape during the rest of the year, these cheerful little bobbins are the perfect choice. Fox guarantees that even with their colourful appearance, these bobbins are anything but frivolous – they are designed to deliver outstanding performance and functionality, making them an unmistakably Fox product.

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Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Black

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