Fox Double Rig Box


  • Innovative, interchangeable rig storage
  • 2 large double ended rig boards
  • EVA foam rig pin fixings
  • Hook bars each end stops sliding
  • Firm closure magnetic hinges
  • Moulded ruler on outside
  • 60 pins

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The Fox Double Rig Box is a pivotal component within Fox’s innovative and interchangeable rig storage solution. This meticulously designed rig box aims to streamline the organization of your angling gear, presenting a suite of features crafted to meet the demands of contemporary anglers.

Comprising two large double-ended rig boards, the Fox Double Rig Box offers ample space for your rigs. The high-density EVA foam employed in its construction ensures the secure placement of rig pins, preventing any undesired movement during transit. To enhance organization further, profiled hook bars at both ends of each board prevent rigs from sliding and bunching together.

A distinctive attribute of this rig box is its magnetic hinges, allowing the two boards to be easily separated. This design not only facilitates convenient access to your rigs but also adds a layer of flexibility to your rig storage configuration. The box seamlessly integrates with the F-Box Magnetic Large Rig Box Lids, providing a comprehensive rig storage system.

The role of magnets extends to ensuring a secure closure, instilling confidence during transportation. Additionally, a molded ruler on the exterior of the rig box enables precise rig tying, adding a practical dimension to its design.

Supplied with 60 pins, this Double Rig Box equips you with the necessary tools for securing your rigs in place. Elevate your rig storage with this innovative solution, where thoughtful design meets functionality, enhancing your overall angling experience. Stay organized, efficient, and ready for action with the Fox Double Rig Box as an integral part of your angling toolkit.

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