ESP PVA Mesh Refill


  • Universal refill
  • Ultra fine thread
  • Anti ladder
  • Controlled meltdown
  • No residue


Discover the ultimate solution for fishing with boilies and stick mixes in PVA bags with the ESP PVA Mesh Refill. Designed to provide six meters of versatile PVA refill, these refills offer exceptional performance and convenience on the water.
Crafted with a strong, anti-ladder construction, the ESP PVA Mesh ensures secure bait containment, allowing you to confidently tie smaller knots for a discreet underwater presentation. The ultrafine thread used in the mesh breaks down slowly, leaving no residue behind. This not only maximizes your angling success but also ensures the safety of the fish and the surrounding watercourse.
The controlled meltdown properties of this PVA mesh offer numerous advantages. The slow breakdown gives wary fish ample time to investigate your bait, increasing your chances of attracting their attention. Additionally, the gradual release of bait creates a constant and steady stream of attraction, minimizing the chances of arousing suspicion in cruising fish. This strategic approach ultimately leads to more bites and enhanced fishing results.
The ESP PVA Mesh Refill excel in cold weather conditions, making them an essential addition to your winter carping tackle kit. To ensure uninterrupted fishing throughout the season, be sure to stock up on plenty of these refills.
Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the ESP PVA Mesh Refills and elevate your angling game to new heights. Order your supply today and enjoy a successful and productive winter carping season.

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20/25mm, 32mm

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