Dynamite F1 Hook Pellets


  • High leakage hook pellet
  • Slides easily onto hook
  • Stays on for distance casting
  • Ideal for waggler, pole or feeder
  • Ideal for commercial fisheries
  • Great for tench, carp and bream


Dynamite F1 hook pellets provide anglers with a flexible and highly effective choice for elevating their bait presentation. These hook pellets, known for their potent attraction and leaky properties, are strategically crafted to allure fish in your swim, significantly improving your prospects of successful catches during your angling endeavors.

The Swim Stim Durable Hook Pellets masterfully balance softness for easy hook attachment and durability to endure the demands of long, forceful casts. They serve as an exceptional preference for committed carp and specialist anglers seeking to enhance the appeal of their bait setups.

Regardless of the meticulous preparation of your groundbait and rig, the effectiveness of your hookbait remains pivotal. Without an enticing hookbait, you risk spending your fishing session without any action, while the fish indulge in free food without exerting any effort. Dynamite F1 hook pellets effectively tackle this issue by offering an irresistible hookbait that can significantly boost your angling success.

With options available in both 4mm and 6mm sizes, these hook pellets empower you to target your preferred species with precision, amplifying your chances of achieving superior outcomes. Notably, these hookbaits excel at enduring long-range casts, ensuring that your bait maintains its integrity and attractiveness even when positioned at a considerable distance.

In conclusion, Dynamite F1 hook pellets constitute a valuable asset in every angler’s toolkit. They provide a versatile and robust hookbait solution that can elevate your fishing sessions to new heights of success and satisfaction.

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4mm, 6mm

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