Dynamite Floating Hook Baits


  • 12mm floating hookbaits
  • High leakage
  • Easily visible at range
  • Easy to hook or hair rig


Dynamite Floating Hook Baits offer the perfect combination of durability and high leakage, making them irresistible to big fish. These 12mm floating hookbaits are specifically designed to induce takes and are perfect for long-distance casting. With their excellent buoyancy, they stay on the surface, making it easier for you to spot your hookbait even from a distance.
Available in three attractive colour options, you can choose the one that best matches the feeding preferences of your target fish. The bright colours also make it easier for you to monitor your hookbait and attract fish from afar. Whether you prefer a vibrant and eye-catching hue or a more subtle and natural appearance, there’s a colour option to suit every angler’s preference.
One of the best features of Dynamite Floating Hook Baits is their versatility. You can easily hook them or hair rig them, providing flexibility in how you present your bait to the fish. This adaptability ensures that you can experiment with different rig setups to find the most effective approach for your fishing session.
With their long-lasting buoyancy and impressive leak-off, these floating hookbaits maintain their attractive qualities for extended periods, giving you a better chance of enticing wary fish. They are built to withstand the attention of large and powerful fish, ensuring you can fish with confidence and focus on landing your dream catch.
Whether you’re targeting carp, tench, bream, or other big fish, Dynamite Floating Hook Baits are the ideal choice to enhance your fishing success. Their combination of durability, high leakage, and easy rigging makes them a go-to option for anglers seeking reliable and effective floating hookbaits. Add these outstanding hookbaits to your fishing arsenal, and you’ll be well-equipped to entice those elusive big fish and create unforgettable angling moments.

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Krill, Sweet Tiger, Natural Fishmeal

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