Drennan Whip Connector


  • Secure method to attach rigs
  • Simple, neat, and secure
  • Internal dia. 0.8mm (Aqua), 1mm (Grey), 1.2mm (White)
  • Easily glued in position
  • Secure and reliable
  • Lightweight

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The Drennan Whip Connector offer a simple, neat, and secure method to attach your rigs to your whip tips. These connectors are designed for convenience and effectiveness, making your fishing experience hassle-free. The set includes three sizes, each with different internal diameters: 0.8mm (Aqua), 1mm (Grey), and 1.2mm (White), providing options to suit your specific needs.
Fitting the Drennan Whip Connector is a breeze. They can be easily glued into position on full-length or cut-back whip tip sections, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. Once in place, you can confidently proceed with your fishing session without worrying about any rig movement or detachment.
The connectors feature a smooth, streamlined, and lightweight design. This not only ensures easy threading and rigging but also reduces the chances of tangles during your fishing activities. The anti-tangle profile of the connectors keeps your lines and rigs organized and minimizes any potential snags or knots.
With three different sizes available, you can choose the connector that matches your whip tip’s internal diameter perfectly, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The Aqua, Grey, and White color coding make it easy to identify the right size for your specific rig setup.
Upgrade your whip fishing setup with the Drennan Whip Connectors. Their ease of fitting, lightweight design, anti-tangle profile, and range of sizes make them an essential tool for any angler using a whip. Experience the convenience and reliability these connectors provide, and enjoy a seamless fishing experience from start to finish.

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