Drennan SF1


  • Perfect for maggots and casters
  • Interchangeable colours plastic 1mm tips
  • 0.5mm self straightening stem
  • Eye glued into side
  • Extra tough finish
  • Line will not cut body


The Drennan SF1 Pole Float is a highly versatile float designed to meet the needs of anglers in various fishing situations. With its streamlined and symmetrical balsa body, it offers excellent control and accuracy during casts. The SF1 is the perfect choice for fishing with maggots and casters throughout the year, making it suitable for all seasons.
One of the standout features of the SF1 Pole Float is its interchangeable solid plastic 1mm tips. These tips, available in red, orange, yellow, and black, can be easily fitted into the low diameter plastic housing, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. This allows you to adapt to different light conditions and improve visibility accordingly.
The SF1 float is equipped with a 0.5mm nickel titanium steel self-straightening stem, providing a balance of strength and flexibility. This stem ensures the float can withstand the demands of fishing while remaining stable in the water. The eye of the float is securely glued into the side, enhancing durability and reliability.
To prevent line damage, the SF1 float features an extra tough acrylic paint finish. This finish acts as a protective barrier, preventing the line from cutting into the body of the float. With this feature, the float maintains its integrity and longevity, ensuring it remains in optimal condition over time.
In summary, the Drennan SF1 Pole Float is a versatile and reliable choice for anglers. Its streamlined design, compatibility with maggots and casters, interchangeable plastic tips, self-straightening stem, secure eye placement, and extra tough paint finish make it a preferred option for anglers of all skill levels. Elevate your angling experience with the dependable performance and durability of the SF1 Pole Float.

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