Drennan Pole Pots


  • Rigid lightweight and tough
  • 150ml and 250ml sizes
  • Includes 5mm and 5.8mm adaptors

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Drennan Pole Pots are a must-have accessory for pole anglers. This set includes two pole pots available in either aqua or black, along with two adaptors for easy fitting to the end of a cupping kit.
These pole pots are designed to be rigid, ensuring durability and longevity on the bank. Despite their toughness, they remain lightweight, adding minimal weight to your setup and allowing for easy maneuverability.
Not only are Drennan Pole Pots essential for accurately feeding your swim during fishing sessions, but they also serve as a handy tool for measuring precise quantities of feed, which is particularly crucial during colder months when fish may be less active and more selective in their feeding.
Invest in Drennan Pole Pots to enhance your pole angling experience. Whether you need to feed your swim accurately or measure out feed with precision, these reliable and versatile accessories have got you covered. Trust in Drennan’s reputation for producing high-quality tackle, and equip yourself with these essential pole pots for a successful fishing outing.

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