CC Moore Pacific Tuna Pink Pop-Ups


  • Extra buoyant
  • Washed out pink colour
  • Ideal for Hinged Stiff, Ronnie, and Chod Rigs
  • Meaty shellfish Pacific Tuna flavour
  • Pot of 45 baits

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These high-quality CC Moore Pacific Tuna Pink Pop-Ups have been meticulously crafted to perfectly complement the Pacific Tuna Boilies and other products in the Pacific Tuna Boilie Range. These pop-ups possess a range of properties that make them an excellent choice for anglers seeking reliable and effective hookbaits.

The CC Moore Pacific Tuna Pink Pop-Ups are extremely buoyant and feature an extra firm texture, ensuring they remain highly visible and afloat for extended periods. Infused with a strong and meaty-shellfish Pacific Tuna flavour blend, these pop-ups are designed to entice and attract fish with their irresistible scent.

Supplied in a convenient 13-14mm size, each pot contains 45 baits, providing anglers with ample supply for their fishing sessions. These pop-ups have been specifically designed for Chod, Ronnie, and Hinged Stiff Rigs, making them versatile and suitable for various rig setups.

Thanks to their tough skin, the Pacific Tuna Pink Pop-Ups offer extreme and consistent buoyancy for over 24 hours. They are excellent as a single hookbait and can also be used to balance a ‘snowman’ rig effectively. The washed out pink color adds to their visual appeal, further enhancing their attractiveness to fish.

To maximize flavor and attractor leakage, the CC Moore Pop Up Mix has been incorporated into these pop-ups. Additionally, their texture makes them ideal for coating with the matching ‘Hookbait Booster,’ enhancing their effectiveness on the water.

For optimal results, it is recommended to lightly coat the Pacific Tuna Pink Pop-Ups with the powerful matching Hookbait Booster and allow it to dry. This process can be repeated as needed to further enhance their performance.

To maintain the quality of this product, it should be stored in cool, dry conditions and kept away from direct sunlight. It is important to note that repeated liquid coating of the pop-ups may reduce their buoyancy, so caution should be exercised when applying additional liquids.

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