CC Moore Live Pop-Ups


  • Very buoyant air ball pop ups
  • Made with Live System Base Mix
  • Tough nuisance fish proof
  • Can be trimmed
  • Perfectly balanced


The CC Moore Live Pop-Ups are meticulously designed to complement the Live System Boilies. These pop-ups possess outstanding buoyancy and durability, ensuring they remain afloat and intact even in the presence of nuisance fish.

Featuring an extremely buoyant composition, these pop-ups are specifically crafted to deliver a powerful, yeasty, sweet, and creamy taste that appeals to the taste buds of carp and other fish species. The enticing sweet almond taste and delightful vanilla cream aroma add to their irresistible charm.

The CC Moore Live System Pop-Up are infused with soluble attractors that maximize leakage, releasing an alluring scent into the water. This potent combination of taste and aroma is carefully formulated to attract fish and entice them to investigate further.

For anglers seeking versatility, these pop-ups can be easily trimmed to achieve the desired buoyancy, allowing for optimal rig performance. Their color is perfectly matched to the Live System Boilies, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

Each pot of CC Moore Live Pop-Ups contains a generous quantity of baits, with different sizes available to suit individual preferences and fishing scenarios. To enhance their effectiveness, anglers can experiment with different shapes and dip the pop-ups in Live System Bait Booster or Amino Blend 365 for an extra edge.

Proper storage of these pop-ups is essential, as they should be kept cool, dry, and protected from direct sunlight. It’s important to note that soaking or coating the pop-ups in liquids may affect their buoyancy.

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15mm, 18mm, 24mm

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