Avid Adjustable Stage Stand


  • Create perfectly aligned buzz bars
  • Ideal for wooden surfaces
  • Ball and socket joint
  • Simply angle then tighten
  • Studded grip base

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The Avid Carp Lok Down Adjustable Stage Stand is a revolutionary solution to the problem of having unlevel rods. With this innovative system, you can incorporate 1 or 2 Adjustable Stage Stands to create a perfectly aligned buzz bar or single rod setup.
No matter the surface you’re fishing on, whether it’s wooden boards, uneven platforms, or a wooden sleeper at the front of the swim, the Adjustable Stage Stand allows you to secure and level your rods even in challenging conditions. With just a single screw, you can quickly set up and start fishing, minimizing hassle and maximizing your fishing time.
The Adjustable Stage Stand features a ball and socket joint in the base, allowing you to easily adjust the angle to ensure level positioning. Once in the desired position, simply tighten the upper part of the base plate to lock the Stage Stand securely in place. Even when fishing locked up or to snags, you can have full confidence that the Stage Stand will hold firm.
For added security, the Lok Down Cam fitted at the top of the Stage Stand provides ultimate stability when your bank sticks are extended. The studded base ensures a strong grip on the surface, reducing twist and increasing stability once the stage stand is tightened down.
The Avid Carp Lok Down Adjustable Stage Stand is a game-changer, offering convenience, versatility, and reliable performance for anglers in any fishing situation.

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