VDE Supercrack Roach


  • Attract roach of all sizes
  • Ball in or feed smaller soft balls
  • Ideal on rivers, lakes and canals
  • 2kg bag

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VDE Supercrack Roach Groundbait, a product carefully crafted for dedicated roach anglers seeking optimal attraction and stimulation for roach of all sizes. This groundbait offers versatility that allows anglers to create the perfect blend, ideal for carrying small hookbait particles like hemp or caster, essential when preparing a bait bed. Whether you’re balling it in or using smaller soft balls for regular feeding, Supercrack Roach proves to be a valuable asset.

Suited for a wide range of fishing venues, including rivers, lakes, and canals, Supercrack Roach’s effectiveness extends across various fishing scenarios. For situations where roach may be cautious, a black variant of this groundbait is available, making it an excellent choice for clear or heavily fished waters.

Preparing VDE Supercrack Roach is a straightforward process. Begin by placing the dry groundbait in a mixing bowl, ensuring it’s well-blended. Slowly add water while vigorously stirring the mix, breaking up any lumps that may form by rubbing them between your palms. Once you feel the mixture has reached the desired dampness, allow it to rest for 5-10 minutes to absorb moisture fully. Depending on your specific needs, you may add a bit more water before use.

Andy Berteyn, a talented angler with numerous match wins to his name, has contributed his insights and expertise to the development of this groundbait series bearing his signature. Recognizing that different fish species and fishing conditions demand distinct groundbait mixes, this range offers a diverse selection of groundbait options.

In summary, Van Den Eynde Supercrack Roach Groundbait is a versatile and meticulously formulated bait that caters to the unique requirements of roach anglers. Its adaptability, effectiveness, and the addition of Andy Berteyn’s expertise make it an outstanding choice for anglers pursuing roach in various fishing environments and conditions.

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