Sensas Power Pellet Green


  • Ideal for carp and bream
  • Micropellets, meat flours, ground pellets, and high levels of protein
  • Attracts larger specimens
  • Green colour
  • 2kg bag

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Sensas Power Pellet Green stands out as the ultimate selection for anglers in pursuit of top-tier bait for their Carp fishing ventures. This 2kg offering of Sensas Power Fishing Pellet Plus is meticulously designed to cater to the specific requirements of Carp fishing, boasting a high-quality, protein-rich formulation that ensures top-notch performance on the water.
What truly sets this pellet apart is its adaptability to various water conditions, making it a versatile choice for anglers exploring the diverse fishing environments scattered across the UK. With its high protein content, this pellet not only promotes the well-being of your target fish but also contributes significantly to their overall strength and vitality, ensuring they remain in peak condition.
However, the real game-changer with Sensas Power Pellet Green lies in its incorporation of a potent attractant, a well-guarded secret that heightens its appeal to fish species commonly found in UK waters. This attractant’s irresistible properties serve as a magnet, drawing fish towards your bait, greatly enhancing your chances of a successful catch. Whether you’re angling in the tranquillity of lakes, the flowing currents of rivers, or the challenging waters of canals, this pellet will be your trusted ally.
In a nutshell, Sensas Power Pellet Green stands as the preferred choice for Carp fishing enthusiasts throughout the UK. Its superior composition, adaptability to the various water types that grace the British Isles, and the added allure factor together create a winning formula that promises a rewarding day of fishing in the United Kingdom’s diverse angling locales.

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