Rage Titanium Leaders

  • Ready to fish
  • Ideal for all size lures
  • Surefit snap links
  • 2 leaders per pack

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Fox Rage Titanium Leaders, a game-changer for pike anglers seeking a hassle-free fishing experience. Fox Rage has unveiled a brand-new lineup of leaders designed to cater to a wide range of angling scenarios, whether you’re into light lure fishing or tackling larger baits to target those formidable predators.
What makes these leaders stand out is their inclusion of Rage Surefit snap links, a testament to their commitment to convenience and efficiency. These snap links ensure secure connections and quick bait changes, allowing you to spend more time fishing and less time fussing with your tackle.
Each pack of Rage Titanium Leaders comes with two leaders, giving you ample supplies to get started on your angling adventures. These single-strand titanium leaders are available in a 40cm length and offer a breaking strength ranging from 14kg to 18kg. This versatility allows you to choose the leader that best suits your target fish and angling style, whether you’re going after pike with light lures or gearing up for larger baits to lure in those trophy-sized predators.
In summary, the Rage Titanium Leaders are tailor-made for pike anglers who crave simplicity and efficiency in their fishing pursuits. With their Rage Surefit snap links and options for various fishing scenarios, these leaders ensure you’re well-prepared to start fishing straight away, with confidence in your tackle. Elevate your pike angling game with the convenience and reliability of Rage Titanium Leaders by Fox Rage.

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14kg, 18kg

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